Roles switched.

Roles switched.

Women should be the stay at home moms! Well not in my house. I always envied stay at home moms. I thought they had “the life”. Waking up when they want, lounging around, watching Netflix and making dinner.  Until recently I had a altered view of what they actually do. In our home roles are switched I am what you would call the “bread winner” and my husband is the “stay at home parent”. My first instinct when I say that is to defend my husband and convince everyone he isn’t “that guy” who is just living under me while I do everything. But truth is, he isn’t plain and simple. I don’t need to defend him because this is MY truth.

But for those who don’t know me personally it’s itching at me to tell you. In the military you know sometimes you have to just pick up and move, well… That’s OUR life. We decided this time he wouldn’t find a job here because in July we are finally having our wedding & honeymoon (we did a intimate wedding awhile back) and then after that we are going to try and have a baby. In this economy what company would hire him for 3 months then let him take vacation for 3 weeks?? Honestly!

After our wedding we have decided we want to try and expand our family and make Corik (current son) a big brother! Both B(husband) and I discussed it and decided we wanted at least one of us at home with the baby for the first year of his/her life. Obviously that cant be me (because of the military) so we both decided it would be him. So here is where I get to my praise and kudos to all stay at home parents.

YOU are the real heroes. Seeing B day and night take care of Corik, clean the house, cook all the meals, pack both of our lunches, do the grocery shopping, do the laundry, be a handyman, AND still be a patient and loving father and husband. W-O-W. To the spouses of those stay at home parents, thank them every day, they are the “bread winners”. I honestly don’t know how he does all of it and still maintains composure when I fuss about not taking out the trash!

Even though my husband is a complete rockstar in my eyes he has told me several times how insecure and “un-manly” he feels being the stay at home dad while I go to work everyday. Our society has made it to where men work, women work and when women don’t work WE are the ones who are supposed to stay at home with the kids. I wholeheartedly believe everyday B is the glue to this family. In all honesty I couldn’t see myself doing everything he does and still seem “sane”! I would never shower I would be so frazzled all the time.

For ALL of the stay at home parents do you feel the same as B? How do you manage? What about the spouses of those who stay home? I can’t help but feel helpless.

With love,